BIC Africa Launches Diaspora Entrepreneurship Webinar Series

BIC Africa Launches Diaspora Entrepreneurship Webinar Series

In a significant move to foster economic growth and innovation, BIC Africa has successfully launched its Diaspora Entrepreneurship Webinar Series. The series aims to connect diaspora communities in Europe and beyond with entrepreneurs in their countries of origin, to share experiences and advice for a lasting impact.  

The first introductory webinar, titled “Opening Dialogue with Diaspora Entrepreneurs,” was held on April 18th and targeted budding entrepreneurs and Business Incubator representatives from Angola, Comoros, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Somalia and other participants across Africa. The webinar offered a platform for insightful learning, discussions, and networking opportunities with diaspora entrepreneurs. 

With over 20 participants, the event featured three captivating diaspora entrepreneur success stories from the USA and Europe: Yonas (Aka Yilikal) Alemu CEO & founder of Lovegrass Ethiopia, João Boavida CEO and Founder at Afrikanizam Art, and Samuel Demisse founder of Keffa Coffee. These entrepreneurs shared their remarkable journeys and addressed questions from the participants.  

BIC Africa’s commitment to strengthening Diaspora Entrepreneur engagement aims to foster economic growth and innovation. The upcoming webinar series will continue to promote meaningful initiatives and networking that will improve the diaspora engagement through local and global partnerships. 

We extend our gratitude to all our guest speakers and participants. Stay tuned for more exciting webinars throughout the year! 


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