BIC Africa Annual Highlight 2023

BIC Africa Annual Highlight 2023

2023 proved to be a busy and active year for BIC Africa. All 5 country projects (Angola, Comoros, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Somalia) are fully engaged, and the number of business incubators participating in project activities has increased. The BIC Africa network is therefore growing, offering more opportunities for business incubators to meet, learn and share their experiences with their peers. 

Funded by the European Union and implemented by European Business and innovation Centre Network (EBN), the BIC Africa project continues to contribute to the development of African innovation and startup ecosystem by enhancing the capacity of selected business incubators in the project countries and from other African countries. Moreover, the project supports women entrepreneurs through a dedicated acceleration programme.  

The excellent collaboration with the implementing partners of the 5 country projects, has resulted in a dynamic team spirit, with everybody committed to strengthening the capacity of business incubators and boosting entrepreneurship.  

Discover the strides we’ve taken in supporting the business incubators and entrepreneurs in the BIC Africa country projects and across the African ecosystem, and our contribution to strengthen the innovation ecosystems boosting entrepreneurship. 


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