2022 EBN Congress | Transition Towards 2030 | in Brussels

2022 EBN Congress | Transition Towards 2030 | in Brussels

Our future is chosen, not endured. The rapid and urgent transformations surrounding us demand bold action from entrepreneurial innovators, their support actors, policymakers, funders, and even common citizens. Inaction is no longer a choice; foresight is a necessity – and being responsive, resilient, and agile is a demand.

What bold and successful actions are other Innovation actors taking to support a more green, fair, digital, and resilient society?

How are other innovators and support actors readjusting, persisting, and accelerating toward greater wellbeing – for all?

In 2022, EBN Congress will be showcasing tested methodologies, best practices, and facilitating exchanges that leverage the exceptional, transformative power of innovation. Join to exchange ideas, co-learn, co-develop future cooperations, and leverage our unique mutual understanding.

Powered by the EU|BIC community, the 2022 EBN Congress will gather 300 corporate leaders, senior-level government officials, business incubation executives, and innovative experts – in person – in Brussels. Why attend?

  • Meet your peers and future partners – develop a global network of leaders, experts and decision-makers
  • Gain exclusive access to shared-learning insights and discover how your organisation can improve
  • Hear from thought leaders from across the world, engage in debates, share ideas and co-design the future of innovation
  • Help set the agenda for how the innovation incubation sector may be transformed by this period of crisis

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24 May. 22, 02:00  to  25 May. 22, 06:00
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